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Satoshi Kinoshita

Description of business

Sawada Seisakusho is one of the few manufacturers in Japan with a complete lineup of liquid level gauges, ranging from low-pressure to high-pressure models. With the exception of certified gauges for high-pressure gas, they provide OBK brand gauge models meeting any specification required to indicate tank liquid levels.

Products and Technologies

Liquid Level Gauge, LED Light Graph

The First LED Indicator Type in the World Among Magnetic Float Liquid Level Gauges (Pat. Registered)

An Epoch-Making Magnetic Float Liquid Gauge provides
-Easy-to-see liquid level even in the dark
-Wide viewing angle (up to 270 degrees)
-Accurate liquid level measuring

Product Features

●Wide-Viewing Angle, Brighter Indication
-Liquid level indicated by LED is visible from far distance in the dark
-Wider viewing angle (up to 270 degrees) and visible even from the side
(Level monitor from the side angle was impossible at previous magnet float models)

●“No” Malfunction
-Superior following response to every position change
A built-in magnet location in a float is detected by a magnetic sensor and its signal is transmitted to illuminate LED
-The new model does not use mechanical roller and it does not cause any indicator malfunction (such as roller does not turn), that was noticed at previous magnetic float models

●Possible to monitor from remote area (only at SLG-C model)
-A sensor unit transmit digital signal (RS-232C) to PC, that enables remote monitoring via PC

Mechanism Overview

(1) Independent indication system for standalone use
・A single row of LEDs directly is switched on and off by a small magnet.
・A magnetic float moves along the row of LEDs.
・As the magnetic float moves along the LEDs, they are sequentially switched on or off according to the direction.
・The position of the magnetic float is indicated by the LEDs.

(2) External indication system ・A sensor detects movement of the magnetic float, transmitting a signal to the control unit.
・The liquid level can be checked remotely with a computer.
・The LED pattern used to indicate the liquid level can be set beforehand.
・Malfunctions and failures are self-diagnosed.
・Offsets between the float and liquid level can be adjusted using the relative density of the liquid.

Direct View Liquid Level Gauges

As per its name, the direct view liquid level gauge is a device that allows the level of liquid remaining in a tank to be checked visually. It is suitable for use in industrial plants.

For around half a century, Sawada Seisakusho has been manufacturing not only such tanks, but also water level gauges under the OBK brand capable of handling electric power generation boilers from low to high pressure (up to 21 MPa).

They are experts in their field with many happy customers in Japan and abroad. In Japan, they hold approximately 50 percent of the market.

For tanks, their most popular type of liquid level gauges use round glass tubes, with valves available in a wide lineup suited to any operating environment, ranging from stainless steel and vinyl chloride to lined models.

For electric power generation boilers, Sawada Seisakusho manufactures water level gauges capable of high-pressure use.

Water level gauges for electric power generation boilers ?Reflecting type 1.0 to 2.0 MPa
・See-through type 1.0 to 8.0 MPa
・Dual-color type 1.0 to 8.0 MPa
・Dual-color multi-port type 0 to 21 MPa

The Flow Sight

The Flow Sight is installed along a pipe to allow direct visual checking of liquid flowing within.

An internal flapper and ball make it easy to observe the liquid flow.

The Flow Sight comes in both flange and screw-in models.

Flow Sight models

・0.5 MPa screw-in type
Standard materials: cast iron, cast stainless steel
・1.0 MPa flange type
Standard materials: cast iron, cast stainless steel, steel forged
・1.0 MPa pipe type
Standard materials: STPG370 grade steel, stainless steel pipe
・1.0 MPa lantern type
Standard materials: STPG370 grade steel, stainless steel pipe
・1.0 MPa welded type
Standard materials: SS400 grade steel, stainless steel

Screw-in and flange types with flapper or ball also available. Flanges are 5k, 10k and ANSI 150 compatible

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
3-5-3 Tsugiya, Amagasaki City, Hyogo, 661-0965, Japan
Satoshi Kinoshita
Founded / Established
1950 / 1958
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15,000,000 yen

Patent, ISO9001