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Cartridge type water deionizers

Regeneration of ion-exchange resin

Water treatment devices

Noritoshi Akamatsu

Description of business

NIHON SUIKEN CO., LTD. has made water into a science, working on a greater tomorrow through water technologies. Using its storehouse of experience accumulated since its start in 1973 and its technology backing that experience, Nihonsuiken is looking at tomorrow's needs, continuing the challenge to find new technologies that are friendly to people and the earth.

Products and Technologies

Working on a richer tomorrow where people and nature coexist through water technologies

Industry requires higher water quality due to the development of IT and other high-tech advancements as well as the need for product safety.

Nihon Suiken designs, manufactures and sells water treatment devices.
Having entered the field early on, they provide ion exchange resin regeneration as well as water treatment devices meeting the required use and circumstances.

Servicing a wide range of needs, they have made water into a science, always working to polish their technology and expertise that takes the environment into consideration, building a record of achievements.

Nihon Suiken's cartridge type water deionizer is particularly designed to produce pure water in small quantities, not requiring regeneration chemicals or wastewater facilities. With a design minimized to save space, this device opens the door to applications in a wide range of fields. Its reliable performance is praised widely by customers.

Nihon Suiken also contributes to industry with water softeners, reverse osmosis devices, filters and a range of other water-related devices. With an eye on the needs of tomorrow, Nihon Suiken is pursuing technologies today that are friendly to the earth and people.

In-House Ion Resin Regeneration

Nihon Suiken collects resin whose capacity in their cartridge type water deionizers has been depleted, then regenerates the resin in-house using hydrochloric acid and caustic soda.

With a small-quantity regeneration line, Nihon Suiken is able to provide regeneration services for all its customers regardless of the application.
They also provide regeneration services for other companies' cartridge type water deionizers.
Additional services include calcium conversion for chelate resin.

Water Treatment Devices

Completely automated regeneration water purifiers - the NSP series
Using sequencer control for the mixed bed resin tower, the NSP water purifiers completely automate the purification process from water intake to resin regeneration.
This product lineup provides water with high purity.

Reverse osmosis devices - the NSR series
Source water is pressurized by a high-pressure pump, then supplied to a reverse osmosis module.
The water then passes from the module through a membrane, with water unable to pass concentrated for drainage.
The NSR lineup provides low running costs for a wide range of applications such as pretreatment before ion exchanging.

Water softeners - the NSS series
Merely set the control valve timer to begin fully automated operation of regeneration for a stable supply of soft water without the waste of regenerants.

Filters - for iron and manganese as well as active carbon filters and clarifiers
Useful for applications such as making well water into drinking water, removing iron or manganese from water supplies for industry and softening river water for factories. With active carbon as the filter, applications include removing residual chlorine, organic substances and COD as well as deodorizing and bleaching water.

EDI - continuous electrical regeneration purifiers
With a compact, lightweight design, the EDI unit includes a vessel and a module to produce large quantities to a single specification inexpensively. Because the main running cost is electricity, the EDI is particularly advantageous if installed in a power plant.

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