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Product line

Steel pipe pull-out system

Metal bracket,Metal clamp

Metal joint


Matsuyama Akihiro

Description of business

Mikami Seisakusyo,a home to innovation! The main business at Mikami Seisakusyo is to provide metal press services to create products conforming to customer specifications. Mikami Seisakusyo operates on the founding principles of honesty, sincerity and trust and always places the opinion of the customer first.

Products and Technologies

The first in the construction tool industry!

"Quit" - Steel pipe pull-out system

●When a heavy equipment is available

No need to worry about troubesome wire connection.
Simply attach a wire to a shackle of the system and pull it by a heavy equipment.

●When a heavy equipment is not available

Use a hydraulic jack type of the Steel pipe pull-out system.

1)Handy size
Weight: 5.5kgs, W 100 x D 280 x H 200 mm
2)Easy operation

Advanced Product Development

Breaking the barriers of common sense – the Pipe Fastener, Round-base Saddle and Adjustable Band

●The Round-base Saddle
This advanced product is streamlined for easy use and provides an pleasing aesthetic look when finished. The round, compact design enables attachment to bent portions and corners, making the Round-base Saddle ideal attached at one place in the center, aligned to a joining line, and requires only one screw for secure fastening.

●The Adjustable Band
The Adjustable Band is a device to suspend pipes, rolled mats and a variety of other parts. With a simple design and easy operation, the Adjustable Band expands and contracts to fit any shape or size.

Both the Round-base Saddle and the Adjustable Band are made with superior corrosion-resistant copper plates, plated with a composite of zinc, aluminum and magnesium (ZAM). This ensures long-life even in outdoor environments subject to salt corrosion and where water is present.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
648-5 Hirao, Mihara-ku, Sakai City, Osaka, 587-0022, Japan
Matsuyama Akihiro
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3,000,000 yen

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