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Product line

Various types of dies (for cold forging, for warm and hot forging, for precision pressing, for powder compacting)

Various types of tools (anti-abrasive cemented carbide tools, machine peripheral jigs and tools)


Mutsunori Yanagibeppu

Description of business

In order to promptly respond to customers' needs, DIES & TOOLS ENG.CO.,LTD. makes full use of our cutting-edge technologies and plasticity expertise, and offer high-precision, higher-quality die products.
As a manufacturer of dies for cold, warm, and hot forging, as well as dies for powder compacting and precision pressing, and anti-abrasive cemented carbide tools, they offer unique design and manufacturing technologies.

Products and Technologies

An integrated system all the way from layout through mold design, manufacture,

Various types of dies

■An integrated system through layout mold design and mold manufacturePromoting formulation of a network among individual factories, and responding to shorter delivery schedules
■An environmentally friendly die manufacturerAchieving recycling of dies
■Striving to be a global-net companyCreating die factories in Thailand

Leave all forging issues to Deis & Tools Eng.

Various types of dies

Developing new products (in the forging sector) requires a great deal of time and costs. The part of the development process that requires the most time and costs is the optimization process, which consists of repetition of design, test production, and review.

As a versatile die manufacturer that offers various products, we have a base of cutting-edge technology and plasticity knowhow that has been cultivated over many years.

Atop that base, they make full use of their unique design and processing technologies, and offer products through a system that is consistent from product development through product testing and after-sales service. They are also working to further improve their after-sales service, through support that includes die adjustment, reexamination for increasing dies’ operating life in order to mass produce them, etc.

You can count on Dies & Tools Eng. CO., LTD. as a company that always provides users with accurate consulting.

Offering environmentally-friendly dies

As the versatile die manufacturing company, they strive, through design, manufacture, and after-sales service for dies for manufacturing parts, to produce environmentally-friendly dies and to work united as a company to protect the environment by using resources effectively.

Against this backdrop, they recycle and renovate die parts that have completed their mission, creates and offers dies that are useful in users’ efforts to reduce their environmental burden and create a profitable business environment.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
1-7-30, Mizuhai, Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka, 578-0921, Japan
Mutsunori Yanagibeppu
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