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Automatic Press Monitoring Device

Press Slug Detector

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Shuji Tajima

Description of business

RIKEN KEIKI NARA MFG. Co., Ltd. separated as a subsidiary of Riken Keiki Co., Ltd. (currently listed on the first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange) in 1972. Since 1981 RIKEN KEIKI NARA has focused on development of original products, particularly, in the field of quality control and productivity improvement of high speed press operations. Thus they remain committed to development, manufacture and sales of emergency supervisory equipment and measurement devices for press machines.

Products and Technologies

On alert ! Minor changes in case of slug occurrence.

Emergency supervision of general-purpose press machines ? from the age of intuition to the age of digital management.

RIKEN KEIKI NARA has prepared devices that can be used for your press machines!
●Support for high speed rotation press machines (max. 4000 spm)
●Originally developed high performance eddy-current displacement sensors
●Numerical input increment ? 0.1 mm for RB/RX Series and 1 mm for GX Series
●Press machines are shut down as soon as a deviation from supervision range occurs
●Stability of product quality, prevention of damage to tools and dies

Bottom Dead Center Absolute Value Monitoring Device, NEW SELBER VX series

Adds reliability to press work!

Bottom Dead Center Absolute Value Monitoring Device, NEW SELBER VX series

●Product Summary
・Color graphic display shows the change of bottom dead center with time.
・Continuous recording of bottom dead center data is possible with USB flash memory.
・Greatly useful for traceability!

・Monitoring method (standard value, previous value) can be selected
・Resolution 0.1μm (Overseas: previous value 0.1μm, standard value 0.5μm)
・Can record 8 shots waveform data before error detection
・Able to simultaneously monitor slug inside die and die height variation due to thermal expansion. Ideal for improving product accuracy.

Slug (Scrap) detector, NEW SELBER RB/RX series

Monitoring of the bottom dead center and slug detection at the accuracy of 0.1μm!

Slug (Scrap) detector

●Product summary
・An automatic press monitor to detect scrap buildup and scrap inclusion in press work.
・An ultra-small sensor accurately allows to detect slugs near the workpiece, which was previously difficult to do.

・High precision detection, resolution 0.1μm (max setting 99.9μm)
・Can be extended up to 8 channels (RX 1unit 2ch: RM-2505)
・Analog output function installed (Checks stripper plate waveform and detection timing position)
・Ideal for precision machining with evolution of first bound detection function (First bound peak value detection/First bound bottom peak variation detection)

A variety of proximity sensors for slug detection

The precision proximity sensors have been originally developed by RIKEN KEIKI NARA.

A variety of proximity sensors for slug detection

RIKEN KEIKI NARA has prepared sensors of various designs including thin type, round type and embedded type to fit any press machine and die attachment. They also have in store connection cables up to 15 m in length.

Corporate Profile

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49-1, Abe, Sakurai City, Nara, 633-0054, Japan
Shuji Tajima
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50,000,000 yen