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Product line

Industrial printed circuit boards

Bondable gold plating for COB

PCB artwork design


Keita Miyahara

Description of business

SATOSEN CO., LTD. manufactures industrial printed circuit boards.
SATOSEN offers an integrated, in-house system which includes design and development to prototype and mass manufacturing of printed circuit boards that require high performance and high accuracy. It can solve problems by offering recommendations for its customers’ needs.

Products and Technologies

Create a partnership with customers with optimal proposals and solutions

●Artwork design
It can respond to customers’ demands using designs and simulation technologies that take mass production into consideration.

●From prototype manufacturing with quick turn around to mass production
It can achieve a smooth transition to mass production with a system designed for prototype manufacturing and mass production in the same factory.

●General circuit boards to specialized circuit boards
Its lineup features various products, including one-sided circuit boards, multi-layer circuit boards, aluminum circuit boards, flexible circuit boards, and wire bonding circuit boards.

High-density, fine processing technology

Please consult with SATOSEN on anything about printed circuit boards.

●Multi-layer printed circuit boards
SATOSEN offers multi-layer high-density/IVH/BVH/build-up printed circuit boards that offer a high degree of freedom in design.

●Advanced equipment and facilities
SATOSEN can provide high-density, multi-layered printed circuit boards with stable quality by improved hole position quality with its ultra-high speed small caliber rotary drilling machinery, high-density circuit formation (L/S=30/30) using LDIs (Laser Direct Imaging Devices), x-ray origin drilling equipment and x-ray length measuring machine.

High-quality printed circuit boards

Customized according to request

●Promotion of high-precision, thin parts
SATOSEN can respond to demand with high-density, high-precision, and fine circuit processing using its wealth of experience in quality management and connection technologies in the plating industry.
・COB technology->Various bonding plating boards
・High-density, fine processing technology->Multi-layer printed
circuit boards (one-sided, double-sided, through-hole, etc.)
・High luminance and heat dissipation technology ->
Heat dissipating metal-bonded printed circuit boards
・Miniaturizing and ultra-thin technology->Rigid flex circuit boards

●Smooth prototyping and mass production
・Prototype manufacturing with ultra-quick turn around ->Improved 24-hour production structure for speedy delivery
・Advanced circuit board designs ->In-house CAD/CAM departments
・Prototype manufacturing and mass production on the same line->Production with specifications where quality is the top priority

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
3-7-27 Tsumori, Nishinari-ku, Osaka City, Osaka, 557-0062, Japan
Keita Miyahara
Founded / Established
2012 / 2012
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