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Product line

Precision stamping for circuit boards, nonferrous metal, and resin

Stamping solutions


Hiromi Tanaka

Description of business

Sanko-Giken Corporation offers total services for “stamping.” It has a good track record of the development of an ultra-precision positioning press technique with an accuracy of ±5μm, the mass production of over 100 million sheets, and participation in and proposals for numerous development projects, such as for biosensor circuit boards. Sanko can develop solutions for any problem, from the development of prototypes to mass production, with one-and-only products and stamping technologies, such consulting on pilot lines.

Products and Technologies

Ultra-precision positioning press technique with an accuracy of ±5μm

Enables ultra-precision positioning and next-generation ultra-precision stamping

±5μm press

Enables processing
with a simple positioning accuracy of ±5μm
for any molds with the use of a robot and camera.

Burr-free Stamping

Development of fine blanking in the electronic parts industry to achieve burr-free stamping for copper and aluminum

Ultra-thick copper circuit board

Proposals for press circuit formation methods

Micro-imprinting process

Imprinting by use of ultra-fine transfer molds

Enables continuous array imprinting
in a wide area when used in combination
with ultra-precision positioning equipment

Visualization app "Smartfact" for SMEs

Scan with a smartphone, then get the time required for work ➡ Easy tabulation and analysis by a computer in an office

● Application for smartphones and tablets specializing in daily work report management

1) Super easy introduction
No need to install equipment / communication equipment! Set only once for the first time!
2) Super easy recording
Workers are stress-free just by shooting a QR code with their smartphone!
3) Super easy analysis
The work content is recorded for each worker. You can see at a glance which work is taking how long.

All managers and workers can view and analyze data recorded via the Internet on a personal computer or smartphone in real time.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
3-5-38, Tamakushicho-Higashi, Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka, 578-0932, Japan
Hiromi Tanaka
Founded / Established
1974 / 1976
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20,000,000 yen