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Biaxially-stretched PET embossed film


Makoto Nagaki

Description of business

GODO POLY INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. is engaged in the work of embossing biaxially-stretched PET film.
It is able to create “tough film with functionality and good design” by giving an embossed (uneven) shape to film and making maximum use of its strengths, namely, its strong rigidity, oil resistance and chemical resistance, all characteristics of PET film. GODO can respond to customer’s requests for firmer, stronger embossed film than existing PP and PE films.

Products and Technologies

Biaxially-stretched PET embossed film

Advantages of embossed (uneven) film

●Reduction of surface contact ratio and preventing adhesion

In addition to the characteristics of PET film, embossing enables a reduction of surface contact ratio and preventing adhesion due to an increase in the surface area of the film, which could not be achieved with flat film.

●Applications in a wide range of fields

GODO’s films are used in various applications and places.
・Resin transfer (for polyester decorative plywood)
・Adhesion prevention (to easily detach container labels)
・Light diffusion (to defuse light for attached reflector boards)
・Heat insulation (to prevent dew condensation on window glass)
・Space and airspace (for cleaning casting paper and gas filters)
・Air vents (for gel and resin transfer)

Capable to respond to the desired level of performance with various patterns

Select your preferred pattern from 70 embossing rolls.

●Rich lineup of standard patterns

GODO has a lineup of over 70 types of embossed rolls (patterns).

It is able to find suggestions to match the customer’s preferences and requests with GODO’s wide selection of fine matte designs and large design patterns.

●Also handles exclusive new versions

GODO can also consider new exclusive designs and offer suggestions for designs if a customer does not find one they prefer in itsr lineup.
One of GODO’s distinctive features is that it starts all product development with the production of prototypes according to the customer’s preferences (applications and standards) for the developed product.

●Development technology with the application of 4 types of original embossing methods

Four original methods have been developed by craftsmen who specialize in PET embossing and continue to hone their techniques.
(1) General-purpose economical method: On casting paper that matches dynamic design and withstands the strong tension
(2) General-purpose heat resistant methods: Design transfer to FRP, etc.
(3) Customized 120°C heat resistant method: Design transfer to rubber, etc.
(4) Customized 180°C heat resistant method: Light diffusing effect with uneven processing to transfer designs to semiconductor packages (epoxy resin)

Effective in dulling light!

Track record of application to reflector boards during photography, etc.!

●Used in a wide range of fields

Biaxially-stretched PET embossed film is used for light diffusion applications.
Embossed (uneven) film enables light to be diffused because of refraction. This film can be used in a wide range of fields, such as for backlight reflection of liquid crystals and diffusing light for photography.

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4-1-11, Mizuhai, Higashi Osaka city, 578-0921, Japan
Makoto Nagaki
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1969 / 1969
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