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Product line

Wedge Wire Screen

Fine Wedge Wire Screen

Solid-liquid separation / filtration equipment


Takenori Hirohama

Description of business

Taking advantage of the technology to form the world's narrowest slits, TOYO SCREEN KOGYO manufactures metal filters that are less likely to be clogged and have high cleaning and reproducibility.
In addition, TOYO designs and manufactures solid-liquid separators, filtration equipment, concentrators, foreign matter sorters, etc.

Products and Technologies

High precision filter technology

A standard of the solid-liquid separation with the world's narrowest slit

Wedge Wire Screen

●Wedge wire screen

-A screen (sieve) in which "▽" shaped wires are arranged at equal intervals to form slits.

-The widened slit structure reduces clogging of solids and enhances the cleaning effect.

-Higher strength and durability than wire mesh.

Cross section of wedge wire

●Fine Wedge®

-A metal filter realizes slit formation in units of several microns while maintaining the characteristics of wedge wires.

-With high slit accuracy, slit guarantee is possible with stricter quality control than JIS standard for industrial woven wire mesh.

-Environmentally friendly because it can be used repeatedly instead of disposable filters such as filter paper and filter cloth.

Original equipment using wedge wire

Manufacture equipment related to "filtration and separation"


●Ultra TN screen

・ More than 20,000 units of cumulative shipment as SS (suspended substance) removal equipment for wastewater treatment.

・ Wedge wire can remove solids of 0.1 mm or more.

・ In addition to food-related factories, the products are used at various locations, such as chemical processing, paper manufacturing, dairy farming, snow melting equipment, etc.



-Removes finer solids and supports not only wastewater but also production processes and filtration of circulating water.

-Equipped with a fine wedge, it can remove solids less than 0.1 mm.

-Many applications such as removal of resin and fibers in circulating cleaning water,
papermaking white water collection, blue-green algae collection, and concentration of sludge.

In-house integrated production from test evaluation / design to manufacturing

TOYO responds to custom-made requests


・ Approximately 1/4 of all employees are in the development / design department, and TOYO can promptly respond to small-lot, high-mix products.
TOYO will make lower cost proposals by utilizing its design expertise such as new design and improvement of existing equipment.

・ TOYO has a test center and carries out tests according to customer's request and will make feasible proposals based on the results.

Quality assurance

・ Because quality control is the cornerstone of TOYO SCREEN, it has a quality system that will not overlook anything wrong by any chance.

・ TOYO carries out thorough quality control for a wide variety of purposes such as solid-liquid separation, concentration, dehydration, and classification.

・ TOYO is known that only after certifying strict quality inspections it delivers many products such as pharmaceutical / food related products and nuclear power related products.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
2-10-6 Kozen, Ikaruga-cho, Ikoma-gun, Nara, 636-0103, Japan
Takenori Hirohama
Founded / Established
1954 / 1954
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20,000,000 yen
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