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Product line

Sheet metal cans

Metal chambers

Manufacturing management tools


Masayuki Yamada

Description of business

Yamada Manufacturing provides sheet metal, can manufacturing and machining services, as well as assisting with engineering improvements in factories. Their customers rely on them for a diverse range of needs, including labor saving equipment designed and manufactured in-house. Their culture of innovation and development stems from employees trained in the 3S principles, a Japanese methodology for maintaining organization sometimes translated as sorting, setting in order and systematic cleaning.

Products and Technologies

Thin Can Fabrication; Bending, Welding, Finishing and Assembly

A Company Known for its Products. Products Known by their Company.

Thin can production; bending, welding, finishing and assembly

Yamada Manufacturing’s can and sheet metal services are concentrated primarily on products made with sheet metal not greater than 3 millimeters thick, a specification considered thin in the can industry.

Many of the other manufacturer requests they receive are for furnace chambers and other items related to industrial dryers and furnaces.
Yamada Manufacturing also consults on designs for a variety of industrial equipment, working day-to-day with their customers on technology improvements to solve the problems end users face.

Yamada’s manufacturing process is run with quality management certified according to ISO 9001.

Over a hundred companies visit the Yamada factory annually and have witnessed its dedication to the 3S principles of sorting, setting in order and systematic cleaning. They welcome you to visit as well.

Visitors from well over a hundred other companies have visited our factory, which is a thoroughgoing 3S (seri, seiton, seiso = organized, arranged and clean) factory, in order to study our manufacturing methods.

Manufacturing Management Board

Management Tool

YAMADA is well known as a metal cavity manufacturer utilizing 3S activity. Its “Y-Decl” board was originally developed for internal usage and was marketed publicly to assist information sharing among employees by means of visible method.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
2-41 Shinden-Nakamachi, Daito City, Osaka, 574-0056, Japan
Masayuki Yamada
Founded / Established
1959 / 1969
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10,000,000 yen

ISO9001, EA21