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Product line

Precise cutting processing for resin

Test production and mass production for resin cutting

Cutting processing for various resin materials


Noriharu Takanashi

Description of business

Nihon Platech Inc. specializes in engineering plastic processing, with technical abilities for excellent precision processing as a backbone, and they meticulously respond to customers' needs. In addition, they always want to be of use for customers by bringing about added value that is not possible with mold processing.

Products and Technologies

They provide processing technology for resin, from an engineering concept.

Processing technology to produce cutting-edge engineering parts

●From micro processing to large-scale processing
They handle everything from precision parts at one's fingertips to large-scale processing of up to 1000×2000 (width x length) or φ1500.

●Able to flexibly handle needs for high-mix low-volume production as well because they have an abundance of materials covering a wide range from general-purpose engineering plastic to AED.

Resin processing parts

Advanced engineering parts

They are conducting precision cutting processing for engineering plastic parts that in recent years are used in various fields such as conveyance equipment parts, food processing equipment, laboratory and medical equipment parts, and parts for light electric appliances.

Highly heat-resistant engineering plastic that is lightweight and very strong is drawing attention as a substitute for metal.

Resin bearings (PLABEA(R))

Plastic bearings manufactured from only PVDF resin

Plastic bearings are highly resistant to chemicals and incorruptible, and therefore they are used in things such as food machinery, and washing lines for semiconductors and liquid crystal.

Because they have no fillers, they are characterized by a high degree of purity and little extraction of metallic ions.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
3-13-23 Minamiterakata Higashi-dori, Moriguchi City, Osaka, 570-0043, Japan
Noriharu Takanashi
Founded / Established
1969 / 1971
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10,000,000 yen


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Developed a distinguishing precision machining technology of engineering plastic parts.