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Shigeru Nimbari

Description of business

Nimbari Kousakusho is a complete manufacturer from planning and design to production, coating, assembly, packing and transportation, all backed by excellent metal fabrication technology. They provide consultation on any sort of steel or stainless steel product.

Products and Technologies

N-forme Valuables Lockers

Nimbari Kousakusho, Thinking about the Shape of the Future

N-forme Valuables lockers

Nimbari Kousakusho designs and manufactures storage safes and cabinets primarily out of thin steel and stainless steel sheets as well as producing sheet metal containers, boxes and precision parts.

Their valuables locker product N-forme is made primarily from steel and can be made into whatever color is desired. They employ three types of locks: the cylinder lock, the combination code lock and the padlock.

Their lockers are used by customers in such places as companies, stores, schools, hospitals and gyms.
In addition to standard sizes and specifications, they custom-make products to fit specific sizes and material requirements.

Drawing Cabinets

Nimbari Kousakusho builds cases suited for storing and organizing drawings, film and other oversized objects

The drawing cabinets generally available are sized up to A0, but Nimbari Kousakusyo makes and delivers cabinets made to your required dimensions.

The number of drawers can also be designed to match the installation space.
Drawers are designed to be sturdy, capable of holding even heavy objects.
The drawing cabinets and drawers can be painted to the desired color.

Past uses
Their drawing cabinets have been used for many purposes including storing tracing paper, film, aerial photographs and original plates for printing.
Nimbari Kousakusho welcomes inquiries for extra large sized cabinets.

Gym Lockers

Gym lockers are used in schools, sport gyms and other facilities.

In addition to the plate metal box structure, Nimbari Kousakusho makes pipe and mesh structure lockers that can be assembled on-site that provide ventilation and allow players to talk more easily. Cushioned benches can be included as well as stainless steel hanger pipes, upper shelves and drawers.

These lockers are used by top league players in Japan including corporate baseball, rugby and volleyball teams.

Nimbari Kousakusho custom builds to accommodate special space and dimension needs.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
3-14-6 Mizuhai, Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka, 578-0921, Japan
Shigeru Nimbari
Founded / Established
1964 / 1974
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25,000,000 yen

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