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Product line

Test production plates

Plate processing, laser processing

Press processing, test production, specializing in low-volume products


Isao Mitsushio

Description of business

Ushio Inc. is, as a company that specializes in test production, developing craftsmanship that is specialized in low-volume products, such as design development products and trial products. They propose a wide variety of advantages, such as shortened delivery times and cost reductions by using smooth craftsmanship from 3-D CAD data and “layered simple molds.”

Products and Technologies

Handling from a single trial product! A test production plate company that specializes in low-volume products

Craftsmanship specialized in high-mix low-volume production, such as design development products and trial products

- Handling by the most appropriate production method for low-volume products, by giving consideration to deadlines and costs for layered simple molds, etc.

- Acceptance of 3-D CAD data
High-quality test production is possible by using the latest equipment.

- Simultaneous arrangements for metal and resin cutting are possible by utilizing networks.

Giving form to designs. A test production plate company that specializes in high-mix low-volume production.

Handling from a single trial product.

3-D CAD data can be accepted by utilizing the latest versions of the software “Sheet Works” and “SolidWorks.”

In addition, by using things such as layered simple molds, they think of methods for manufacturing of trial products without excess molds and fixture productions.

Many transactions with distant customers

Distance is irrelevant for test production arrangements.

Proven track record at Green areas

Approximately half of Ushio's customers operate outside the Kansai region. There are various reasons for distant transactions, such as a decrease in the number of nearby businesses, the desire for a second opinion, or the need for a supplementary business in times of being over-capacity.

Ushio has improved development speed by utilizing its absolute advantage of being in a place of processing center. In addition, they respond to the requests of distant customers with unprecedented new craftsmanship ideas.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
5-21-21, Minami-Terakata Higashidori, Moriguchi City, Osaka, 570-0043, Japan
Isao Mitsushio
Founded / Established
1990 / 1995
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10,000,000 yen