Posted : Mar 01, 22

Category : Event

Video overview of "Small lot die casting production and lost wax with low mold cost are available!" / MOBIO Cafe Meeting on Feb. 22

The exhibitor was introduced as the Febuary 22 speaker at the MOBIO Meetup in the year of 2022. It has explained numerous skills utilized in manufacturing or processing.




The company with the " Assessing major failures" is TAIYO PARTS. With two booths on display, it introduced in detail its unique technologies that can be used for cost rationalization.

Patented unit die system: Small lot die casting is possible by reducing mold costs and mold changeover time.

Low mold cost and aesthetically pleasing lost wax: Hollow structure is possible.


Now, let's watch a flash video report. For more information, please visit the company's booths on the second floor in the MOBIO Tech Hall.