Posted : Jan 31, 23

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VIDEO: Mirror-finish only by a general-purpose MC with a uniquely developed tool / NISHIMURA

MOBIO Cafe Meeting, a cross-industrial meeting held with all possible measures to prevent the spread of COVID19 infection, including masks, hand disinfection and sufficient ventilation.
On January 25, four exhibitors explained their technologies with samples in hand. After the presentations, business cards were exchanged and individual discussions were held in front of the booths.



20230125 saba.jpg 20230125 nishimura.jpg

SABA processing is faster, cheaper, and cleaner than normal surface polishing! It is developed by NISHIMURA. An industry first! High-precision mirror surface machining of aluminum, copper, brass, etc. is possible using only a general-purpose MC by its uniquely developed cutting tools. Excellent technology that enables high accuracy and cost reduction. Can be used in fields such as semiconductors, optics and medicial equipments.

 Watch the video for details.


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