Posted : Oct 12, 23

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Following technical explanations from MOBIO tenant companies, discussions with event participants were very lively!

Various types of incubator rooms are available in the MOBIO building. They are rental spaces for companies that promote new business development while utilizing manufacturing technology, knowledge, and expertise.

The companies introduced their technologies and communicated with the participants at the October 10 MOBIO Cafe Meeting. The discussion was lively, with some participants from abroad greeting each other with "Namaste".

The MOBIO Incubate Room Exhibition will showcase the outstanding technologies and products during October 5 to October 27 in the MOBIO Tech Hall.

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●Pitch by the company (Photos from left to right show presentations by the relevant companies)


Magnetic attachment device (Switching Mug Holder), Magnetic sensor (open/close detection sensor)


Nanofiller dispersion liquid (using ultra-micro zirconia beads for optical applications )

*Parity Innovations Co., Ltd

Floating Image Technologies (Parity Mirror®)

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*human foods inc, (Japanese)

Deoxygenated water breeding method

*SUZUICHI (Japanese)

Adhesives that can bond different materials


Electrical parts (PTC heater)

P1270774 (2).JPG P1270777 (2).JPG P1270785 (2).JPG

*NITI-ON Co., Ltd. (Japanese)

Washing and Sterilization Products (Cleaning evaluation indicator)

*Sense Pro Corporation (Japanese)

Wireless communication x Sensor (Liquid contamination monitoring sensor)

*TST JAPAN Co. Ltd. (Japanese)

IoT water level sensor (Ultrasonic distance sensors)

P1270775 (2).JPG P1270783 (2).JPG P1270784 (2).JPG

*Sogo Giken Co., Ltd. (Japanese)

3DCG, VR production

*H.I Technos (Japanese)

Wastewater treatment system (Oil-Water separation / Flocculation separation system)

*Fukae Special Steel Co., Ltd. (Japanese)

Integrated services for special steel material selection and processing

P1270754 (2).JPG P1270759 (2).JPG P1270770 (2).JPG

*Comfort-Lab Inc. (Japanese)

System for measuring foot pressure distribution (FOOTNAVI)


Contracted development utilizing power-assist technology (Robot hands)


Joint development of equipment and components for the aerospace industry (Leap rover, shape memory alloy verification)

P1270756 (2).JPG P1270762 (2).JPG P1270764 (2).JPG

*RODAN 21 Inc. (Japanese) Overall coordination of manufacturing

 Explanation from two group companies

MATSUSHITA-SHOKAI Inc. (Japanese) Surface emitting light guide plate

VIDR Inc. (Japanese) Glass coating agent

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The exchange of business cards and individual discussions further deepened the understanding of technology and companies. Some said, "Let's have a meeting at the factory next time!". The lively social gathering concluded with the customary shout of "MOBIO!

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