Posted : Sep 08, 14

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MEDIX report: Practically learned feasibility of GUMMETAL in the medical market / MARUEMU WORKS CO., LTD.

Participants from Maruemu Works hold GUMMETAL orthodontic wire (Konishi, Yamamoto and Ishimoto)

014 モデルさんIMG_4959 *Application example

● Displaying GUMMETAL with three target

Maruemu is the leader in the Japanese stainless steel fastener market and in engineering technology. Processing hard-to-cut materials they have developed new fasteners made of Magnesium Alloy, Titanium Alloy, Metallic Glass and Engineering Plastics on and on.

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One of the business created by their innovative attitude is a medical product. At MEDIX, a GUMMETAL orthodontic wire has been displayed, that has no hazardous elements to human body, high elasticity and high flexibility and is made of Ti-Nb based beta titanium alloy. Because its shape is adjustable at each treatment stage when needed, it does not require wire replacement or frequent reshaping, and results in drastic reduction of treatment period. GUMMETAL's elasticity holds weak force continuously at row of teeth, a patient is free from felling hard pains. Becasue its material does not contain any nickel alloy, its does not cause a metal allergy at all. That is why GUMMETAL attracts dentist's attention as a totally new orthodontic wire.

Ishimoto, the leader of delegation, said, " There were three goals for our participation. No.1 was to introduce our company itself. No.2 was to take some hint for new application of GUMMETAL by promoting its features. And No.3 was to start medical product development by informing Maruemu's advanced technology to process magnesium alloy and etc. So we displayed our products to materialize them."

IMG_4884 *Attractive product display

●New offer from pharmaceutical companies and university institutions

Yamamoto in charge of new medical marketing explained his findings, "Our new product 'GUMMETAL' brand wire was known in the dental market. And specialists showed interest in the wire saying 'Oh, this is the real product' in the booth." He continued, "I have received questions from visitors, 'Are you manufacturing fasteners? Why have you entered into the medical market?' When I explained that our wire drawing technology made GUMMETAL wire processing possible, they understood easily." One of pharmaceutical companies was interested in this only one technology. So Yamamoto is studying seriously with them to develop new product.

IMG_4989 *Visitors from medical industry

Konishi felt business possibility of GUMMETAL wire in the dental market as well. He said, "Several visitors reviewed GUMMETAL at MEDIX web site in advance and came to our booth. Whenever I received request from them 'Please show us the product and explain features.' I reconfirmed market attention to GUMMETAL wire as the new device."

During MEDIX fair, universities and institutions paid notice to GUMMETAL and requested to collaborate in product development. Ishimoto said, "Because we have received business offer from universities and institutions, this trade show was very useful and practical to us. I appreciate opportunity to secure our space in MEDIX assisted by MOBIO."

● New product development to penetrate in the medical business

Team Maruemu could have exchanged business cards with over 100 companies of the medical, manufacturing, administrative and institutional market. Following to MEDIX fair, they have started business discussion with 10 companies. "It was very effective fair for us to have an appointment with 10 percent of visitors," Ishimoto said. And he continued, "We had been reluctant to participate in the medical fair because of expensive space cost and had been doubtful to its outcome. However, this time MOBIO assisted us and offered the space at a reasonable cost. For SME it was very helpful program. We have noticed the target customers visited the industry fair and we will be ready for the next exhibition."

Receiving positive market response, Maruemu considers to join other medical fairs. In order to attract more visitors and open other market, they are planning to develop another business category than GUMMETAL. At their new laboratory to develop medical related products (called M+H technology center) specialists are aggressively studying another leading products following to GUMMETAL.

医療機器(歯列矯正ワイヤ)-s*Excellent orthodontic abilities and biologically friendly


Interviewed on August 6, 2014