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How The Large Nuts Specialist, Fuji, is Passing On Their Technologies

Because FUJI maintains advanced manufacturing skills obtained through ISO management operations, 5S activities (*) and small group activities, they are capable to provide variety of order made nuts at high quality in a short delivery schedule. CEO Kimura is continuously challenging to transform corporate strength to widen exclusive technologies to other processes by assisting development of worker's awareness and notice to the issues. "Like sports players, workers need to improve from reserves to star players."

(*) Japanese 5S methodology: Sorting, Setting-in-Order, Shining, Standardizing and Sustaining the Discipline.)

Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors have started "INNOVATION and CHALLENGE" through the special interview.

No.45 is Mr. Kimura of *** FUJI SEISAKUSHO CO., LTD. (Read more) ***

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- Extremely large nuts, Lock nuts, Ultra coupling nuts

● The hex nut exclusive manufacturer


Color coated nuts designed by young workers

Fuji's technology has been awarded by several official organizations, such as Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry; Osaka Local Government and Municipality.

In the Japanese trade it is frequently said to ask FUJI for large nuts because of their manufacturing capability of those nuts. FUJI is one of a few manufacturers who provide large nuts up to 150 mm at different shapes, with high quality and at a short delivery schedule.

Actually their large nuts are widely used in the bridges, the high ways, marine ships, power plants and sky scrapers. One example structure close to Osaka is the usage at the Akashi bridge that uses several thousands of FUJI nuts (diameter 70 mm, height 45 mm) to connect hanging wires. Practically Fuji is supporting social infra structure.

Their technical superiority as of today is not good enough for CEO Kimura. He continues to strengthen business fundamentals, saying "When business was brisk mass production was required, however it is now required small-lot multi-production to meet variety of demand. The company is asked to respond to the need of small quantity for business continuation, even it's one piece. At Fuji manufacturing is mainly operated by skillful workers who learned to machine and manipulate from predecessors. That's why Fuji has been capable to respond to those needs."

●Development of the new functional nut meets the needs from the nitche market


- Ultra coupling nuts, Fuji manufactures longer nuts up to 500 mm.


- Time saving "Quick nut" for fastening long nuts. The lower nut opens and closes for installation at any position quickly.

In line with improvement of large nut manufacturing, FUJI targeted to develop new nuts - the first in the industry.

One example is development of ultra coupling nuts that can be manufactured only by FUJI, the highly machining skilled corporation. They are tall nuts to be installed in metal joints of a seismic isolator at sky scrapers or in heavy machine assembly.

"I have asked our machining staff to produce the tallest (or longest) nut they can manufacture. And I was really surprised to receive the reply that they were capable to machine nut up to 500 mm tall with high accuracy. In order to guarantee reliability of structure and products, major companies are demanding those ultra coupling nuts," Kimura said with a smile.

Other than ultra coupling nuts, FUJI has a series of exclusive nuts and has made many of them as patented technologies.

Collaborating with Technology Research Institute of Osaka Prefecture, FUJI has developed "Fuji Lock Nut" by use of the pitch deviation. With additional development in technology at FUJI, they have produced "Fuji Double Lock Nut" and "Fuji Triple Lock Nut" that provide strong fastening force by preventing looseness with the use of the eccentricity . Moreover, to reduce operation time "Fuji Speed Lock Nut" and "Fuji Bearing Lock Nut" were developed.

Their latest technology is "Fuji Quick Nut" whose lower nut opens and closes to be installed at the desired position of the long bolt, and is under patent pending. It is an exclusive nut and drastically saves installation time to longer thread bolts. With those unique nuts FUJI is capable to respond to any demand even from the nitche market. And another late comer is "Color Nut" with color coating surface that reveals their new technology.

●Transformed working environment to comfortable condition through 5S activities


- Machine bit sizes are noticeable at a glance. Easy to identify the user's section.


- Tools are kept tidy and in order. No time loss for searching items.

One of their "Change and Innovation" issues was to improve working condition, that had been know as typical 3K(*) surroundings. It was mandatory to pass on their accumulated skills to young generation who feels comfortably and work willingly in the factory. Therefore they had started to apply ISO 9001 and had been certificated in 2002 through hard work.

(*) Japanese 3K means 3D in English - Dirty, Dangerous and Demeaning

ISO certification was a turning point of KAIZEN at FUJI. When they had understood fundamentals of technological improvement and stepped into "5S activities", employees have started to propose possible changes voluntarily. And those original solution by the factory workers has been carried out on and on. Awareness and notices of employees linked each other and rolled out as one program. It is widely believed that passive activities demanded by the management does not last long, however positive "bottom-up" activities go on. Kimura said proudly, "When rules are followed strictly, they will become our customs".

He continued "Our ultimate goal is to improve working conditions and ISO or 5S activities are only tools to accomplish it. Better surroundings will improve operational efficiency and productivity. At the end of the day FUJI, as the corporate, makes a profit. And its profit will be shared among FUJI workers and management. I sincerely hope to establish such an Win-Win relationship and let our employees to be proud of working at FUJI".


- Master Craftmen at the FUJI factory


Interviewed on February 3, 2015
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