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Tohoku met Osaka/Jul.24 MOBIO Cafe Meeting

The meeting started from test driving of the EV Car and the Power-Assisted Tricycle informing another technology by Tohoku companies.

P1030595 P1030600

The car kit consisted of 100 parts The cargo cart at factory site

Following to test run, 12 companies participated in Tohoku Special Exhibition explained their technology to companies in Osaka.

◆◇ Tohoku Companies ◆◇

<Part I> Presentation

1. Ishimura Industry Co., Ltd.: Iron Stove

DSCF8777 P1030616

Using wood pellet it burns more than eight hours without emitting a streak of smoke due to pyrolysis gasification.

2. Eiwa Corporation: New Cobalt Alloy

P1030621 P1030618

Cobarion, the new cobalt-chromium alloy, shows superiority at is abrasion resistance property.
3. Fe-Nix Corporation: Large Iron Bolts

DSCF8789 P1030721

Hot forged special large bolts to be used as anchor bolts for fish farms and improvement works of port facilities.

4. Yamagishi Industry: Hybrid Emergency Generators

P1030638 P1030567

Hybrid Emergency Generators to be operated by gas and/or LPG as power back up.

5. OIGEN Foundry Co., Ltd: Cast Iron Pans

P1030633_s P1030582

Bare iron pan, "NakedPan ", to be free from chemical materials
6. Sasaki Print Ltd.: Mount-Sheet-Less Seal Label

P1030629 P1030719

Non-board labels and joint labels to save paper materials
7. MODI Corporation: Electric Model Car

P1030625 DSCF8791_s

The electric model car kit to study next‐generation vehicle parts at colleges and institutions.
8. Aizu Kojyo Co.Ltd.: H-Process Casting System

P1030646_s P1030576

Horizontal controlled flow pouring process to result in thin-wall and light weight parts
9. Tamagawa Engineering Co., Ltd.: Radio Frequency Heating Apparatus

P1030655_s P1030578

The Compact radio frequency heating apparatus
10. TOHOKU RHYTHM Co., Ltd.: Plastic Injection Mold

P1030662_s P1030570

Precision Parts to be installed in watches and cameras

DSCF8829 P1030726

Metallic powder injection molding and lost wax casting process
12. AKATSUKI-SEIKI CO.,LTD.: Machining and Heat Treatment

DSCF8826 P1030574

Lathe cutting of high hardness steel

<Part II Gathering>

All participants were energetic at the cross-industry meeting. Through open discussion over drinks close tie was created between Tohoku and Osaka.

P1030670 P1030691


Special exhibition continues till August 28. Drop by MOBIO to find technology born in Tohoku!

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