Posted : Apr 20, 21

Category : Company

Now on "Special Move" Display! A disposable paper mask case is in the booth of Tomono Printing Co.

MOBIO Tech Hall started "Specialty Display by Skillful Companies" displaying new items developed by 18 exhibitors. Theme is "Let's be "strong," "beautiful," and "vigorous",even with COVID-19".

P1230592.JPG  マスクケース.jpg




Living and working with a face mask has now become completely routine. The problem with removing it when eating or drinking is how to store the mask hygienically. This is where the paper mask case comes in. A face mask case makes it easier to carry around spare masks. In addition to standard designs, custom designs are also available for the Tomono's mask case. Tomono Printing uses its printing skills to produce this product.


Visit MOBIO and review a "Face Mask Case" in the Tech Hall.