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High-pressure safety valves

Relief valves

Vacuum breaker valves


Kazuaki Miyazaki

Description of business

Mihana Seisakusho has successfully developed a safety valve with superb functionality, rendering conventional standards obsolete. Their safety valve is based on lapping technology, a form of surface grinding. Their current focus is extending this technology to other manufacturing fields for improved products.

Products and Technologies

Safety and Relief Valves Revolutionizing Industry

Mihana Seisakusho produces innovative safety and relief valves unparalleled anywhere in the world.

Conventionally, leakage with valve operation has always been considered to be part and parcel of the nature of valves to the extent that leakage is included in valve standards in Japan and throughout the world. Until now.
Mihana Seisakusho is revolutionizing the way industry looks at valves.

In a safety valve endurance test comprising 100 operations, Mihana Seisakusho’s valve was found by a public agency to have no leakage. Another innovative feature is that the blowing and blow-off phases happen essentially simultaneously.

Safety and relief valves revolutionizing industry

●Patent received
ISO 9001 certified production plant
Approved for high-pressure gas facility testing and manufacturing
Certified to use the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) mark
Chinese Safety Quality License

The Mihana Seisakusho safety valve is used in a wide range of applications including such industrial devices as compressors and boilers, automobiles and containers, food processing equipment and medical devices. It is also used in the such industries as electrical power, petrochemicals, manufacturing and atomic energy.

Types: lifting, full-bore including screw-in and flange valves
Length: 3 to 600 mm
Pressure: ±25 mmAq or 50 MPa
Compatible fluids: gases, vapors, liquids
Temperature range: -262 to +600° C
Available materials: CAC406/SCPH2/SCS13A
SCS14A/SCS16A/SUS 304(L)
SUS 316(L)/Monel®/Hastelloy®/Inconel®

Safety Valves without Front Leakage

Mihana Seisakusho produces their safety valves using an advanced lapping (grinding) technology that eliminates front leakage (during the blow phase). No leakage was found even in tests with 100 repeat operations using a Mihana Seisakusho test device.

●No start-to-leak function
Finally Mihana satisfies the needs of the safety valve market by providing "no start-to leak" vales. Its valves operate simultaneously two hjobs; beginning to blow and bursting out.

●An advanced lapping technology
Due to its exclusive lapping technology, Mihana is capable to develop an areal contact at its valve seat, instead of a conventional liner contact.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
4270-8 Higanjo-choOsaka, 582-0023, Japan
Kazuaki Miyazaki
Founded / Established
1952 / 1965
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30,000,000 yen

China CSEI
Korea KGS