One stop service

Monodzukuri Business Information-center Osaka has a One-Stop Service Center on the first floor, where the Osaka Prefectural Government Manufacturing Support Division, Osaka Foundation for Trade and Industry and others are located to provide business support.


At the One Stop Service Center, our experienced coordinators offer complete support for manufacturers. Our service center coordinators are available for guidance on market cultivation, business management, technologies, utilization of patents, etc.


  • companies who are aiming to develop new products and technologies.
  • companies who need advice for utilization of patent.
  • companies who plan to expand their business into global market.
  • small and medium sized local companies who need financial help.
  • companies who are unfamiliar with information technology.
  • companies who are planning to adopt and utilize information technology.


  • those who working to develop new products and technologies.
  • those who wish to publicize their products and technologies internationally.
  • those who want to be introduced to companies who need their technologies.
  • those who want introduction to companies who have particular technology you need.
  • those who need to have technological, financial, managerial consulting service.
  • those who are unfamiliar with information technology.


[Business Matching Support]
[Providing company information]
  • Introducing superior technologies and products from companies who have the largest market share in Osaka.
  • Transmitting information to both domestic and overseas companies by dividing them into some groups:
  • Translate and publicize companies information of technologies and products at our website by using both Japanese and English webpages.
  • Cooperation with foreign trade support organizations.
  • Overseas sales and marketing information.
  • Making attractive contents that target companies who are interested in transaction.
  • Transmitting information to global companies through overseas web portal to send and receive international nformation.
[Provision of information for companies]
  • Quick and accurate feed back for inquiries from foreign companies, who request information from exhibitors's websites.
  • Gathering and providing information about domestic and international trade fairs.
  • Providing information for overseas trade missions.
[Arranging experienced advisers]
  • Optimal support from advisers who have a broad range of networks to match your companies needs.
  • Patent distribution consulting by patent distribution advisors.
[Various supports]
  • Tenants and other related organizations will also offer strong support from the technological, financial, and managing side.