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Product line

Store fixtures

Office and residential furniture hardware

Architectural hardware


Yasushi Nojima

Description of business

NOJIMA manufactures products made of pipes. It provides stable quality and value in finished products by suggesting improvements in pipe specifications and fabricating processes, considering installation of pipe products.
The company's main business is the manufacture of display fixtures and office furniture by making holes and welding on steel pipes and stainless steel pipes.

Products and Technologies

Make things with pipes!

Possible to provide consistent quality and added value to the finished product

●Customer-centric welding" leveraging accumulated expertise

NOJIMA will use its accumulated knowledge to study and propose improvement plans for pipe processing, rather than stopping at subcontracting.

→Please request
*Reduction of assembly work: Easier assembly
*Aesthetics: More beautiful, injury-free exteriors
*Reduced shipping costs: Smaller packaging

●NOJIMA will shape "thoughts, designs and ideas" according to request.

→Please contact NOJIMA for more information!
*Possible to manufacture without design drawings or rough sketches.
*Please explain the intended use, installation location, loading (display) load, size, and quantity.
*Flexible use of round pipes, square pipes, and combinations of sheet metal, wood, woven fabric, mesh panels, and other materials are possible.

In-house developed welding jig

●Stable quality and added value to finished products

NOJIMA takes parts processing for granted! It carries out parts fabrication with consideration of assembly.

*Self-developed special jig
 Confirmation of hole position
 Measures to prevent weld distortion, confirmation of no distortion

*Aesthetic measures required
 Grinding of welds

Welding and hole making technology utilizing longtime expertise

Put pipes to work and transform them at will.

Pipe welding

●Pipe types and dimensions, welding machines

*Square and round pipes of steel and stainless steel
*Square pipes: 6 □ to 150 □, round pipes: 5 Φ to 20 Φ 
*Argon welding machine and Co2 semi-automatic welding machine: 6 units in total

Special jig for making holes

●Proprietary hole making technology and machines

*Development of in-house exclusive jigs: Stable and uniform quality is achieved by preventing dents and burrs/flakes on the pipe material.
*Two each of press machines and drilling machines

Developing proprietary products

Test marketing is underway

Small rack stand

●Integration of in-house and partner company technologies

*Possible to install objects weighing up to 5KG
*Bottom compartment for small items

-> NOJIMA builds convenient and sturdy fixtures.
 Please feel free to contact NOJIMA with requests for use, places of utilization, improvement ideas, etc.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
9-2-5, Kamikita, Hirano-ku, Osaka city, 547-0001, Japan
Yasushi Nojima
Founded / Established
1985 / 2020
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3,000,000 yen
Awards received
ISO 9001: 2015