Fujidempa Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Product line

High-temperature vacuum/pressurized heat treatment furnace for new materials

Induction heating vacuum melting furnace

Vacuum hot press

Description of business

Ever since its founding in 1948, Fuji Dempa Kogyo Co., Ltd. has contributed to the development of the Japanese manufacturing industry through technology for industrial heating using electricity as an energy source. Our electric furnaces, such as induction heating furnaces and vacuum/pressurized heat treatment furnaces are used by customers in the fields of high value-added materials, such as special metals, fine ceramics, and carbon, in various ways, from research and development to the mass production of products. Fuji Dempa Kogyo is also engaged in the manufacturing of stainless steel casting products using its own highfrequency induction melting furnace.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
Fujidempa Kogyo Co., Ltd.
2-4-36, Niitaka, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-City, Osaka, 532-0033, Japan
Toshio Yokohata
Founded / Established
1948 / 1948
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336,500,000 yen
Major account
Chemicals, ceramics, electric machinery, non-ferrous metals, iron and steel, automobile parts, research institutes at universities